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I am Marianne Le Morvan, I am 38 years old and I live in Paris. I have a PhD in Art History and I am an independent researcher.


I am a specialist in provenance research: I trace the history of an artwork since its creation. It is a major element when proving its authenticity, creating an argument in favour of its valuation if it previously belonged to a prestigious collector. However, above all it is deontological proof attesting to the transparency of its history: this research has become essential for all the actors of the art world. As most of the archives for the modern art market are in Paris, I do the research for these establishments such as private collectors, auction houses, and museum curators.

I am also a curator and academic advisor for several major exhibitions, particularly on the modern period and women artists.

I have recreated the archives of the avant-garde gallery owner Berthe Weill, I wrote the first book on the Art Deco architectural treasure the Splendid, I reconstructed Auguste Bauchy's collection from previously unpublished archives, and I carried out the first study on the forgotten sculptor Marguerite Peltzer.


I dedicate myself to missions that fascinate me. I like to share it, I teach at the University of Paris and I publish many academic papers, I also contribute to conferences.


02 books

As Berthe Weill's biographer, I was responsible for the reconstruction of her gallery's archives, which have become indispensable for the study of the Parisian avant-garde period. 


I also discovered the story of Auguste Bauchy, a major collector of Gauguin and Van Gogh, whose extensive collection has been documented for the first time from unpublished archives, thanks to a collaboration with his great-grandson that will allow for the upcoming publication of his first biography with a preface by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. 


Attached to little-known heritage, I published the first book on an Art Deco masterpiece whose decor is intact, le Splendid in Dax, in southwestern France. I also discovered the designer of the furniture that was kept there, leading to the career of Victor Courtray, for whom I created the first website presenting his history and his creations. 


03 clients

Author of the first book on the Art Déco Hotel - Le Splendid
Reprint of Berthe Weill's memoirs - University Press of Chicago (soon)
Author of the text for the sale of the "Roger Dutilleul Portrait" by Modigliani, at Sotheby's Paris
Contribution to the exhibition catalogue "Valadon et ses contemporaines" - 2021
Speech at the Revoir Picasso conference - 2015
Contribution to the exhibition catalogue Picasso in Blue and Rose
Co-author of A bar at the Folies Bergère documentary in VR
Contribution of the Scientific committee for the first important exhibition about women artists
Guest curator for the Grey Art Gallery
Founder of Berthe Weill Archives
Co-organizer of the symposium about women artdealers
Creator of the Victor Courtray Estate website
Head of Archives - Marcille Collection
Project manager about the unknown sculptor Marguerite Peltzer for the city of Thonon-les-Bains

04 contact

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